Bad interview technique

This is an interesting dissection of a live interview that apparently went horrible. A few things to ponder:

  • Did the interviewer inject herself too much into the story?
  • Was this a bad interview, or just bad for this kind of crowd?
  • If interviewer had written a print story, no one would have known how she bombed. This was in front of an audience. And it was an audience that blogs! And tweets!! Word spread fast. This is a great example of the democratization of news gathering on the Web. The professional journalist no longer is in complete control.
  • Is it OK to be “flirty” if it means getting the story?
  • Did the writer of this piece do a good job? Should he have interviewed the subjects afterward?
  • Make sure to follow the link to the video of the reporter’s response. Is she right?
  • Make sure to follow the comments. Note that at least one points out fact errors in the writer’s account, another example of how the Web opens up the journalism process.

And here are four more lessons to be learned from this experience. Again, read some of the comments to get deeper value.
And if you want to see the entire interview – it’s about an hour – try here.

–David Poulson