Beeman water quality stories

Scan some of these stories to see how Perry Beeman’s sampling produced facts for water quality stories. Note that they include measures of bacteria, turbidity and nitrates. Note in particular the story that describes the testing process and the one regarding antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Tests were part of three month probe
Explains process
5 lakes fail bacteria tests
State posts warnings of illness
13 lakes fail tests of water clarity
Turbidity measured
State lake tests detect superbugs
Antibiotic resistant bacteria threatens swimmers
State says bacteria in lakes dropped
Samples show bacteria levels low in public lakes
Bacteria pose risk at 4 lakes
Swimmers could fall ill
Four lakes may pose health risk
Bacteria levels are high
How great is threat
Experts disagree
Lake tests find excess bacteria
Additional samples could result in swim warning
State prepares to test beaches
Water check set for major Iowa lakes
Tests show an excess of nitrates