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Freedman named to Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame

Eric Freedman

As a legislative aide to a New York congressman nearly 50 years ago, Eric Freedman quickly realized that journalists had more fun than any group of people with whom he interacted.

So the newly minted law school graduate became a reporter instead of pursuing a legal or political career.

Was it the right move?

“Oh, absolutely,” said Freedman, 74, who on Friday was named one of six journalists to be inducted into the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame in 2024.  “I applied for legal jobs and newspaper jobs. Fortunately, I got the newspaper job first and I haven’t looked back.”

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Paid summer reporting internships available for MSU students at five Michigan news organizations

Michigan State University students who contribute to diversity are eligible for five paid internships this summer at major multi-media Michigan news organizations.

These internships through MSU’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism meet the MSU J-School’s internship requirement. Environmental expertise or particular interest is not required. But you’ll gain both.

The application deadline is midnight Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024.

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MSU students can get paid scholarships, internships and jobs reporting on social justice

L.A. Times reporter and MSU J-School alum Tony Briscoe explains how MSU J-School students who contribute to diversity can  get paid right now while gaining experience and improving their resume and portfolio.

And he explains how his reporting in Los Angeles and Chicago on the intersection of social justice  and the environment got him in on the hottest story around. See Tony here and read on for more information about how you can, too.

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Environmental journalism internships, jobs and scholarships for MSU journalism students.

The MSU Knight Center’s initiative to diversify reporters and reporting on environmental challenges offers significant scholarships, training and internships that benefit emerging and diverse student journalists in any field.

 One focus of the program is on building expertise with paid opportunities to cover environmental threats that particularly harm marginalized communities. We’re looking for students who contribute to diversity report on how environmental decisions threaten social justice, civil rights, the health and values of diverse communities.

The expertise of journalists is their lived experience. When it is diverse, better reporting happens and better decisions are made about environmental threats.

The program does not require environmental experience.

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