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Online workshop teaches MSU researchers to explain what they do

Scientists at a Knight Center workshop in Rwanda learn to communicate their research. Image: David Poulson

By David Poulson

Ever wish the public better understood the science and research you produce?

Both are far too important to confine to researchers and academics. Building a public constituency for them is key to making good decisions and policy. It is also important for advancing your career.

MSU’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism offers a free online workshop this summer to teach MSU students and faculty to engage public audiences with science and other research.

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We lose when the public space becomes a battlespace

David Poulson

By David Poulson

The guard burst from the presidential gatehouse with his gun drawn.

“Stop that,” he yelled as he pointed his weapon at me.

Stunned, I slowly lowered my phone to the ground. I was dressed for an early morning run in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi in Africa. As I often do when working out-of-town, I had combined my morning run with a little sightseeing.

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Effort, obsession pay off for student journalism award winner

Chris McCrory won the Ray Reece “Excellence in Environmental Journalism” Student Award at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Fort Collins, Colorado, for reporting on abandoned mines in Arizona. Photo Credit: Andrew Blok

By Andrew Blok

Sometimes the path to award-winning journalism strays near abandoned mine shafts and expulsion from school.

That’s the route Chris McCrory took. McCrory won this year’s Ray Reece “Excellence in Environmental Journalism” student award at the recent Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Fort Collins, Colorado. His reporting took him too close to unstable, abandoned mines for his school’s comfort.

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