Knight Center research director publishes study about environmental law in Chile

Knight Center research director Bruno Takahashi has co-authored a paper about the Native Forest Law in Chile. The study, “Of Catholicism Forest and Management: An Analysis of Imaginaries in the Discussion of the Native Forest Law in Chile,” was published in the journal Environmental Communication.

The paper examines the imaginaries in the public discussion of the Native Forest Policy in Chile through an examination of letters to the editor published in the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. The study shows that the letters were embedded within Catholic imaginaries that called for either the use or protection of the forest as a response to God’s will.
Takahashi’s co-authors are Dr. Daniela Manuschevich, professor at the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano in Chile, Dr. Carlos Ramirez-Pascualli,  professor at the Universidad Diego Portales in Chile, and Dr. Yadira Nieves, professor at the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico and graduate of the I&M Ph.D program at MSU.

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