“Sh*t” film wins an Emmy Award

Troy Hale Director/Executive Producer, Zoe Kissel Producer/Editor, and Geri Alumit Zeldes Producer.

The Documentary film “Sh*t Saves the World” won an Emmy award June 15th for it’s film trailer. Director Troy Hale, Producer/Editor Zoe Kissel, and Producer Geri Alumit Zeldes attended the award ceremony in Detroit.  It was the first time in memory that the word “sh*t” was used on the Emmy stage.  The attending audience got a real kick out of it.

The Knight Center for environmental Journalism supplied a starter grant for this project to get off the ground.

You can view the award winning trailer here:


The feature length film has been shot all over the world.  The crew has visited places like Sydney, London, Chicago, San Diego, Mexico, Tanzania, India, Ireland, and Scotland for film segments.  The original idea for the film was to produce a 10 minute project.  The current film run time is over 62 minutes.  The film has finished principal photography, and is working on cleaning up the final edit for test screenings.

The film is a humor and informational, look into impact of people our planet.  The project brings to light subjects that are not often discussed… at least not at the dinner table.  Adding an element of humor allows the film to have a wider audience interest, than a traditional environmental documentary.

This is Director Troy Hale’s 25th Emmy Award.  Geri Alumit Zeldes won her 4th Emmy Award, and Zoe Kissel won her 1st.

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