MSU professor's comparison of environmental journalists and bloggers gains top recognition


Bruno Takahashi

MSU professor Bruno Takahashi is delivering an award-winning paper that compares environmental journalists and environmental bloggers on June 20 at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association in London.
The study found that the journalists and the bloggers have the same level of concern and perceived knowledge about the environment, but that they conceive their roles differently and use different sources. The research examines the implications on the evolving nature of environmental reporting and discourse.
The study, co-authored with Edson Tandoc at the University of Missouri-Columbia,was recognized as a top 2013 faculty award by the association’s Environmental Communication Interest Group. They will be presenting on a panel called Blogs, boundaries, and burly brothers: Building new environmental understanding with new media.
Takahashi, an assistant professor of environmental journalism and communication, is affiliated with MSU’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. He teaches JRN 473/873, Seminar in environmental journalism.