Knight Center director publishes new book on international journalism

Global JRN coversmallerEric Freedman is a co-editor of a new book on challenges facing international journalism. Critical Perspectives on Journalistic Beliefs: Global Perspectives was just published by Routledge.

It provides case studies, many incorporating in-depth interviews and surveys, that examine such issues as journalists’ attitudes toward their contributions to society; the impact of industry and technological changes; culture and minority issues in the newsroom and profession; the impact of censorship and self-censorship; and coping with psychological pressures and physical safety dilemmas.

The book also highlights journalists’ challenges in national and multinational contexts. International scholars, conducting research within a wide range of authoritarian, semi-democratic and democratic systems, examined journalistic practices in the Arab World, Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Samoa, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey and the United States.

Freedman’s co-editors are Robyn S. Goodman, a professor of Communication Studies at Alfred University, and Elanie Steyn, an associate professor and head of Journalism in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma. Goodman earned her Ph.D. at MSU’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences.

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